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Please see below our walking notes for each stage of our Virtual Camino! We hope this information will help you fully enjoy and understand the route of St James and teach you about the culture of Northern Spain along the Camino route. 

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Walking Notes

Camino Culture

Our Virtual Camino is an opportunity for supporters to find out more about the Camino de Santiago and the culture of the area. Not only will you learn about the history of the Camino, the detailed structure of The French Way route and the traditional foods, you will earn stamps for each town you reach and receive a certificate of completion after you’ve finished your 114km virtual Camino walk. 

Get ready to immerse yourself in the Camino Culture and download our recommended books, recipes, podcasts/playlists, phrases and Camino symbols. SEE BELOW!

Recommended Books

Get the full list of our recommended books based on the Camino.

Reading up on the Camino and all its glory is a great way to submerse yourself into the next 5 weeks of walking. It may not be as easy to get to sunny Spain but we can certainly get cultured while walking Irish soil.

Recommended Recipes

Keep up the Camino Experience and get cooking some of the local cuisine you can expect along the Camino de Santiago. 

Get the whole family involved with your virtual walk and serve up some of the most popular dishes you would expect on the pilgrim walk. Thousands of families across Ireland do not have proper cooking facilities. They may be living in a hostel, hotel or a shelter. Most of which are one room accommodations for the whole family – some may only have access to a shared kitchen among many other families or only have access to a kettle and microwave in their single room. 

Share the Camino experience with your family while cooking with your loved ones and educating them on how you can all help support those who need it most!

Podcasts and Playlists

During this challenge you will spend a lot of hours walking so we have put together a list of recommended podcasts and playlists – all about the Camino of course!

Phrases along The Way

Before you grab your walking boots, why not learn the lingo! We have put together a selection of useful phrases to use along The Way.

Our recommended phrases are a translation from Spanish to English along with some history behind the phrases typically used when walking The Camino De Santiago.

Symbols of The Camino

There are many symbols used during The Camino De Santiago including the yellow Arrow, the Shell and the Wooden Horreos - just some of the many symbols you will see. 

Some of the symbols are used to direct walkers on the route, creating a sense of comradery between pilgrims taking on the trek and can be seen on people’s bags, necklaces or even tattoos! 

They are also found in your Camino Passport! At each town you will receive passport stamps in your Camino Passport as proof of your journey. 

During the Virtual Camino, you will also receive passport stamps known as badges on your fundraising page! As you clock up your distance, you will receive a new badge when you’ve reached each town virtually.